Gary Tanglebeard

cleric dwarf filled with love...or something


With the mists effect on the land, one Dwarf stood up… “One shall rise, and NO MORE shall fall!”, he said.

Such death and affliction can only do one of so many things to a person, for him, it was a calling fix what you can and end whatever sins have come forth from the plague of man. Whilst, believing man wasn’t all that bad, they did apparently have an effect on the world. At least bad enough to bring the mist, yes?

So years and years of going around trying to heal the world has left me…jaded, but what else is there to do in a world like this? Barter? Pfft, for what? Swords? Armor? Lives are more important now a-days, the better trade is peoples lives…and what better to gain someone’s favor than with their life.

Gary Tanglebeard

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