You are among the Elves who took the path of a natural life in the wake of the Mist. You have learned the ways of the new world below Mistline, eking out a living attuned to the natural and Fey. Still, your civilization has roots in pre-Mist times, and your people struggle to negotiate a history connected with the rest of the world with this newly-sought independence.

You live in one of many settlements scattered across Ærth, obscured and hidden using Fey magic. Still, you face constant threat from the myriad dangers and beastman tribes roaming and conquering the Mist. You, like all of your people, are a fierce hunter and fighter, and hold deep suspicions about any being that Ærth would seek to exterminate. Nonetheless, your leaders maintain diplomatic ties to your Skysearcher cousins, and you hope for a day when these former friends realize the error of their arcane ways and return to their Fey roots.

Races: Elf, Eladrin
Benefits: Knowledge of hidden Wildwalker settlements across the planet, including Feygates, and increased Nature knowledge while below Mistline.

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