Trading House

You have deep ties in one of the five trading houses that arose in the wake of the Mist plague: the Hammer, dealing in workable materials for building; the Mountain, dealing in ornamental goods, jewelry and magical treasure; the Tree, dealing in foodstuffs and agricultural goods; the Anvil, dealing in weaponry and armor; and the Quetzal, something of an illegal organization, dealing primarily in illicit goods and secrets. In most cases, you are of Dwarf lineage, though the houses are comprised of many Mist-immune races. Depending on your position within the house, your duties and privileges vary wildly. The most common position is “acquisitions”—a kinder term for scavenger, those whose task is to root through the remains of pre-Mist civilization for workable goods, depending on the needs of the House. Other jobs include pilot, workman, accountant, manager, and militia.

First and foremost, you are beholden to your house. To give up house secrets is to betray your brothers and sisters, and the punishment for such a betrayal is typically death or slave labor, followed by death. Trading Houses of Ærth frequently use emissaries for goodwill missions, sending them to work or fight alongside the human forces or other houses.

Races: Dwarf primarily; any Mist-immune
Benefits: Access to your house’s Ærthmotes, armory and shipyard.

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Trading House

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