Tempest Stronghold

  • Population: Around 5,000, not counting stationed Air Fleet or Dwarf Trading House members
  • Government: Damian II, elected Governor
  • Defense: World’s largest Air Fleet regiment, People’s Army of Tempest
  • Commerce: Due to frequent air travel to and from Tempest Spire, most goods are available in the city’s Market district, as well as through the local trading house hubs
  • Organizations: The Homecoming Bureau; Hammer and Mountain Trading House hubs; temples to Bahamut, Erathis and Kord
  • Natural Resources: The Tempest Wall surrounds a portion of the Borrin river as well as a vast swath of arable land; the nearby mountains are rich in iron

Tempest Stronghold, located on the eastern tip of the Northern Crescent, is the foremost human settlement on the continent. With its grand wall—that the engineers and architects responsible boasted, “could withstand any manner of tempest”—surrounding miles of rare arable flat land amid the region’s rocky outcroppings, the stronghold has proven to be the most durable and defensible of the human settlements.

The history of the stronghold dates back to a single keep situated at the center of the farmland, used as a mountain retreat by the region’s king, Elliott of Ratten. Following the initial groundswell of Mist, as reports from the lowlands of a deadly plague spread, Elliott abandoned his kingdom to his sons and queen, taking refuge in the keep with his royal assistants and concubines. The kingdom rapidly fell to infighting between the sons, who struggled to impose their diverse and uncoordinated rule on the panicked populace, while the queen remained at her throne as the Mist rose, devastated by her being abandoned.

However, as the other sons quarreled, Damian, the youngest among them, rallied and organized the people, forming the first regiment of the People’s Army and renouncing his royal lineage. Directing them to the lands he’d visited as a child, his father’s retreat, he and his army laid siege to the keep and ultimately ousted the king. He was vastly beloved by the people, but he rejected the notion of a dictatorship, establishing an election process (through which he was nigh-unanimously elected governor). Under his guidance and leadership, the first walls were erected and the rough outline of Tempest was formed.

Today, Tempest is a prosperous fortress-city and the preeminent human settlement on the Northern Crescent. In addition to boasting an impressive range of artisans and craftspeople, Tempest is the home of the Air Fleet, which maintains a large portion of its armada at the Tempest Spire docks. In addition to the ever-flourishing People’s Army, this military presence has warded off most of the attention of the Beastly Hordes of the region.

The stronghold is currently governed by Damian II, who was elected into the position following his father’s death. He is a popular figure among the people, known for personally petitioning Celine Malik and the Solar Tetrad at the behest of his people. Some complain that he takes too militaristic a bent when it comes to dealing with the Hordes, and that he is too willing to dispatch large portions of the city’s armada to aid the other human settlements. Few, however, take issue with his allegiance with and support of the Dwarven Trading Houses, as most recognize that their presence has allowed Tempest to become the mighty and prosperous city it is.

Recent Events in Tempest

  • An attempted hijacking of the Sol’s Glory airship by Orc raiders was thwarted, and the airship was brought into the city safely.
  • A sinkhole a few miles north of the city leading to a Draconid-infested cave system was collapsed.

Tempest Stronghold

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