You are among the Elves who traveled in solidarity with their human friends during the great migration, taking to the lands above Mistline. Once there, your people discovered an intense spiritual communion with the arcane forces emanating from the outer planes, dubbed the “spirits of the sky.” From your new home, your people greatly aided and even influenced the magical discoveries leading to Ærthmotes and airship travel.

You live alongside the humans, Goliaths and Halflings in one of several human settlements, but your eyes are turned always to the skies. Due to your keen senses and understanding of the arcane forces behind flight, you sometimes find yourself at the helm of a massive airship or, more frequently, among its crew. The further from the surface of the planet you go, the more attuned you feel to the planes and to life, itself. One day, you hope to share this experience with your primal Wildwalker cousins, who cling to a notion of Ærth that is well on its way to death.

Races: Elf, Eladrin, Half-Elf
Benefits: Natural ability to navigate and pilot airships, increased Arcane ability when exposed to the open sky.

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