You are of human descent and were born within close proximity to the Mist. Most commonly, you are from one of the early settlements that built up in the early years of the groundswell, when it was expected to recede. Rarely, you are born to a parent with Mist immunity. You, however, are not so lucky. You are more Mist tolerant than your brethren, capable of surviving up to a week unaided below Mistline, but like all humans, you will succumb if you remain below for too long. “Mistborn” is the title attributed to those who discover this trait; naturally, most of the human race does its best to avoid the Mist at all costs, and it is suspected that most individuals with a Mist tolerance will never discover this fact. Still, you are in the vast minority of humanity and you are loathed for it.

Occasionally, you find work as an emissary to surface-dwelling allies, taking short trips to locales within the Mist at the behest of humanity’s leaders. Rarely, you are a crewman or woman for a Dwarf salvage and trade vessel, delving below Mistline at great risk for hefty profit under one of the five trading houses. Most frequently, you are a grunt in the human army, a guard or scout at the farthest reaches of human civilization, lingering and pursuing targets where few other soldiers can venture.

Races: Human, Half-Elf, Mul; any Mist-sensitive
Benefit: Increased Endurance (CON) on checks related to Mist poisoning for up to seven days, dropping by a significant amount each subsequent week.

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