• Population: Unknown
  • Status: Abandoned pre-Mist Human city

Gorn was a pillar of Human engineering and architecture in the years before the Mist. The Gorn state was renowned for its democratic ideals and values of science and scholarly pursuits. As such, it was a destination for the more intellectual-minded, pulling many noble families and aspirant students with the allure of its university. Most notably, however, it was home to the Cloudtowers—massive structures, extending thousands of feet into the sky. These towers were used to host residences, classrooms, laboratories and libraries. Of the seven towers, three even extend above Mistline.

As the Mist spread, the scholars were among the first to discern its true nature. None, however, were politicians, and they delivered the news with the tact and grace one would expect of a boulder. Chaos ensued, with riots and looting prevalent on the ground, and many nobles locking themselves in their residences within the towers. Most people left, however, and the Gorn refugees joined with those of the Gul’Net kingdom, ultimately establishing the castle-city of Tollund.

Today, Gorn is a destination for salvage crews without a sense of risk aversion. Though it is one of the few Human ruins that is partially accessible to those with a Mist sensitivity, the aggressive security systems set nearly a century ago by the paranoid and reclusive nobility ensure that many passages and chambers have not been touched since the state’s evacuation.

Recent Events in Gorn

  • Tower Two has been breached at the Fourth Terrace and the lift for the upper floors has been restarted.
  • Tower Two – House Karra’s apartment on the Fourth Terrace has been opened and investigated.
  • Tower Two – House Erlend’s Third Terrace holdings have been opened and investigated.


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