Goliath Nomad

Though you have, your whole life, lived astride human society, your position in your tribe has instilled you with the virtues of a nomadic life. You hunt, gather and trade for your tribe, situated along the Anvil Peaks, the Sickle Ridges or the Northern Crescent. You are good at what you do, and you have the boasts to prove it.

Deeply attuned to the natural geographic features of your region, no matter the path you choose, you excel at it. Though you prefer a life in the wilds, you are familiar with human civilization and have ties in many cities and strongholds. You know that work in the city pays well and provides the means to support your family and tribe. Additionally, you’ve learned that work considered strenuous by many humans is simple to you, and there is never a shortage of work hauling cargo aboard a trading house airship. As long as it’s not settling down, you are comfortable, and as long as word gets back to your tribe about your successes, you are content.

Race: Goliath
Benefits: Tribal training in the lay of mountainous territory and how to best survive, track and hunt there.

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Goliath Nomad

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