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Character creation on Ærth is much like that of the implied D&D 4e setting: you pick a race, role and class. In addition, you will choose a character background1 and a regional background2 to further flesh out your position in the world and give you a foothold for thematic roleplay. Here, you will find some guidelines and rules for character creation, though keep in mind that my say is NOT final. The world is not complete and I welcome your input. I may see the world one way, and you may see it another. If a situation like this comes up, I encourage you to contact me or make a post in the provided Forums so that we can come to a conclusion together.


  • Races Unless otherwise noted, I would prefer traditional fantasy races. That is to say: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Halfling. In addition, I will allow Mul and Goliath as player races. I am specifically looking at races that are well-established and have direct reason to be affected by the Mist. Races such as Dragonborn and Tiefling likely exist, but are more likely to travel in Beastmen hordes. Similarly, Kobolds, Goblins, Bugbears and the like are too busy making chaos in the old world to go on swashbuckling adventures on airships. Give me a good reason, though, and I will likely concede this point.
  • Classes All classes are open for play! This is a world with Divine, Primal, Psionic, Arcane, Martial and Shadow forces mingling and mucking about. However, keep thematic elements in mind while choosing a class; an Eladrin Wildwalker probably wouldn’t practice Sorcery due to his preference of the natural and Fey over the Arcane. That is not to say that something like a Goliath Nomad Bard couldn’t be feasible and entertaining, if a bit of an outlier among Goliathkind.
  • Religion Though there is Divine power, Religion exists much as it does in the real world. The Gods—if they exist—are distant and do not interact directly with the world as they do in many other settings. So while a Cleric of Bahamut might feel an intense spiritual connection, and have powers to show because of it, he knows that Bahamut is almost definitely not going to come down to save his ass from Tiamat cultists, nor is he going to be divinely rewarded for slaying the lot of them. See: Gods of Ærth
  • Backgrounds The backgrounds and jobs presented below are by no means exhaustive. If you have a cool idea for a background, talk to me or post it in the Forums and we’ll figure out some benefits for it!

Character Backgrounds

1 Click the name of each background for more information and elaborated benefits.

  • Mistborn – You are of human descent and were born within close proximity to the Mist. This grants you with an improved tolerance to it and the ability to delve below the surface for up to a week without negative consequences.
    • Races: Human, Half-Elf, Mul; any Mist-sensitive
  • Trading House – You have deep ties in one of the five trading houses that arose in the wake of the Mist plague. This grants you the financial, tactical and diplomatic resources of your house, as well as knowledge of house secrets such as Ærthmote locations.
    • Races: Dwarf primarily; any Mist-immune
  • Nobility – In the new world, one’s station is directly related to one’s wealth, and you or your family has found riches and/or profited from the human relocation. This grants you access to your family’s estate and credit, as well as the ability to invoke your nobility in interpersonal interaction.
    • Races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Goliath; any involved in the human migration
  • Goliath Nomad – Though you have, your whole life, lived astride human society, your position in your tribe has instilled you with the virtues of a nomadic life. This grants you tribal training in the lay of your homeland, as well as an edge in survival, tracking and hunting.
    • Race: Goliath
  • Halfling TricksterI don’t have any great ideas for a Halfling counterpart to the Goliath background. If anyone wants to play one, you can help me make this interesting! I suspect it would be something to do with the race’s friendly and joking nature, with perhaps a Charisma-based benefit.
    • Race: Halfling
  • Wildwalker – You are among the Elves who took the path of a natural life in the wake of the Mist, learning the ways of the new world below Mistline and eking out a living attuned to the natural and Fey. This grants you knowledge of hidden Wildwalker settlements and increased natural knowledge below Mistline.
    • Races: Elf, Eladrin
  • Skysearcher – You are among the Elves who traveled in solidarity with their human friends during the great migration, taking to the lands above Mistline and discovering an intense communion with arcane forces directly linked to the sky. This grants you a keen understanding of navigation and piloting, as well as increased arcane ability when exposed to the open sky.
    • Races: Elf, Half-Elf, Eladrin

Regional Backgrounds

2 Click the name of each background for more information and elaborated benefits.

Varied Settlements

  • Cloverglen – You’ve taken root in the recently recaptured town, now home to a hodgepodge of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and scattered refugees from the beastly hordes. Due to its willingness to deal with the hordes, citizens of Cloverglen have gained a certain amount of notoriety, though—aside from small altercations—it is a peaceful town.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Nature or +2 Intimidate.
  • The Crossing – You are from the foremost trading settlement that arose in the wake of the Mist. The Crossing hosts a meeting of the major civilized races in the world, and boasts one of the largest, most secure armories on Ærth.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Streetwise or gain an additional Language.

Human Settlements

  • Anvil Peaks – You are a survivor or refugee from one of the many failed colonies of the region. Your time here has hardened you to the elements and made you adept at disappearing when needed.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Stealth or +2 Endurance.
  • Sickle Ridges – You have roots in the vast farmlands of the region or are a citizen of one of the fortress cities, Corrigan’s Hold, Tollund Keep or Dabria Halls.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Streetwise or +2 Nature.
  • Northern Crescent – You are knowledgeable about the region’s intricate system of caves, including defensive positions and safe houses throughout. You might make your home with one of the numerous bands of survivors or the Human Tempest Stronghold.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Dungeoneering or +2 Thievery.
  • Mu Islands – You make your home in the seat of luxury that is the dotted chain of plateaus as either a noble or servant in a noble house.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Bluff or +2 Diplomacy.
  • Sol – You are one of the few who make their home on Sol, the city of the Sun. This town is not especially hospitable, as it orbits the planet so that it is always bathed in sunlight. Those who make their home here do so to be among the leading scholars of the world.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 History or +2 Arcana.

Dwarf Settlements

  • Forgewright – You are a citizen of the town of artisans famous for being the home of The Anvil trading house. Life in Forgewright requires a sturdy sort of individual, able to work all aspects of day-to-day trade house life.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Athletics or +2 Endurance.
  • Margrum – You are a member of the Margrum band of scavengers, residing in one of several makeshift camps across the base of the Sickle Ridges. Your life consists of trading and scavenging on a small scale, but this has provided you with a connection in most cities and trading houses.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Nature or +2 Stealth.
  • Hammerston – You live in the town bolstered by Hagbard Hammersmith and his Hammer trading house. Likely, you are among the most affluent of Dwarfkind, but you still understand what it means to be a hard-working and productive member of society.
    • Benefit: Pick either +2 Diplomacy or +2 Streetwise.

Wildwalker Settlements

Need to elaborate here. Two or three connected settlements, maybe varying degrees of militancy against humanity or the Skysearchers.

Character Creation

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