Mists of Ærth

The Story So Far!

So, in lieu of prosing the hell out of the things other people did, I’m going to drop a brief synopsis and then try to do something similar each session.

Session 1 – Airship from the Crossing to Tempest

  • Attempted hijacking of the Sol’s Glory airship by Orc forces.
  • Said Orc forces were fought and repelled, though the ship suffered some damage in the process.
    • Kalmuth modified the ship’s controls and interaction with Ærthmote technology to improve its speed.
  • The three individuals responsible for fending off the attack (GUESS WHO THEY WERE) delivered the ship to the Tempest Air Fleet under Marshall West.

Session 2 – Another Job for West in Tempest

  • Marshall West entreated the ad hoc group to investigate a sinkhole north of the city and collapse it using a provided explosive device.
  • After fighting a large number of Draconids in and around the sinkhole, the group placed the device and successfully collapsed that particular cave system.

Session 3 – Tempest to Sol to Gorn

  • Quinn, at the behest of the Homecoming Bureau, took a job that would expose him to Mist—in this case, a job with the Mountain trading house involving an heirloom lost in one of the towers of Gorn.
  • The collected group traveled to Sol to directly accept the charge, then to Gorn on the Bureau-provided airship, the Myriad.
  • On the flight, the airship passed near a vortex of Mist rising high above Mistline. When the ship approached it slowly, it seemed to pull them in.
  • In Gorn, the group encountered several magical and mechanical traps, as well as unfriendly “wildlife” (a Gelatinous Cube), ultimately retrieving the heirloom brooch.

Session 4 – More Gorn

  • Investigating the tower further, the group (henceforth potentially known as “the gang”) enabled the tower’s lift system.
  • While taking the lift to the ground floor, Quinn recognized his family’s sigil and the gang decided to investigate the Erlend family holdings.
  • After being attacked by magic paper and a rust monster (which fled into the lift shaft), the gang found the secret entrance to Maxwell Erlend’s lab and study as well as a hidden journal.
  • In the lab, Maxwell’s body (or skeleton) was found slumped over a desk, with an assassin’s dagger at his feet. When Kalmuth disturbed the corpse, a wight attacked (along with several sentry elementals).

Session 5 – Return to Tempest

  • Leaving Gorn, the gang passed the same vortex of Mist, now a little closer to the continent.
  • Stopping on Sol to deliver the heirloom, Kalmuth found out that the sole remaining member of House Karra lives in Tollund.
    • The current plan is to deliver a “liberated” Karra family portrait and sell some other portraits pilfered from Gorn.
  • Returned to Tempest, where Quinn established a working relationship between the Bureau and Kalmuth and Tragath.
    • Kalmuth will get some laboratory space in exchange for the schematics of his modifications to Sol’s Glory and the P.S.C.L.
    • Quinn handed Maxwell’s journal to Inspector Larath (of the Bureau) due to some information it contained regarding the Mist.
  • The gang rented a three-bedroom suite at The Laughing Moon, Tempest’s highest-class inn.
    • That night, Quinn was attacked by an assassin, whose dagger bore the same insignia as the one found at the feet of his great grandfather (Maxwell), presumably left there nearly a century ago.



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