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In the early days, it was known as the groundswell, that sudden and vast outpouring of thin haze from the deep recesses of the planet. It covered the surface with a second ocean, one poisonous to any creature with an ounce of human blood, taking those races by surprise and driving them into the hills, mountains and skies. In the century since, most have come to call it the Mist, and it is no longer such an unusual phenomenon.

Welcome to the landing page for the Mists of Ærth Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons 4e! Our first preparatory session occured January 17, 2011, but I plan on this setting being a constant work in progress and a collaborative effort. For now, these are just my thoughts on the world, but I look forward to seeing what others have in mind and what stories we can create together.

We play on Mondays, generally.

The Player Characters

For now, check out the list of Important Pages before doing anything else!

Important Pages

If you are a player in my game, know these following pages well!

  • The World – Background information on Ærth and what its deal is. ESSENTIAL READING
  • Character Creation – Includes information on character backgrounds and guidelines. ESSENTIAL READING (Updated 1/17)

Just Added

These are a good next step after you’ve read the Important Pages.

For an expanded list of forthcoming pages and recent updates, visit the Main Wiki Page and feel free to explore a bit! Ærth is small for now, but it’s growing by the day! Any questions or comments should be directed to the Forums or Comments tab.

Mists of Ærth

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